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Welcome! These days, I'm busy with the newspaper I launched in May 2014,—The East Cleveland Narrator. It's based in my Ohio city and its tagline is "One Community, Telling Our Own True Stories."

Visit East Cleveland to learn about The Narrator and its Fall 2014 fundraising campaign.

East Cleveland more than 'warm bodies'M. LaVora Perry, Plain Dealer, November 27, 2013

I wrote the children's books featured on this page, including the critically acclaimed novel, Taneesha Never Disparaging.
The following links to my publications open in new windows: Taneesha Never Disparaging | A History of the Civil Rights Movement | Malik Had a House | Wu-lung & I-Lung | Taneesha's Treasures of the Heart
The links at the top of this page provide reviews and purchase information.

Three different publishers released three of my books. But before I worked with them, in 2004, I founded Forest Hill Publishing, LLC, a small press. Now I help self-publishing authors fulfill their goals and I design websites under my daughter company ForestHillWebs. So far, my largest client is the City of East Cleveland.